Shoe size & care

Can I take my usual shoe size?
Usually, you can indeed keep your own shoe size. Check the product specifications to be sure.
How do I protect my shoes from dirt?
It is recommended that the shoes be sprayed with a protective shoe spray immediately after purchase. In this way you make the shoes dirt and water repellent. Always check whether the spray is suitable for the material of your shoes. We recommend to keep...
How do I take care of my shoes?
Leather Spray the leather shoes with a protective spray immediately after purchase. Always check if the spray is suitable for leather. Then let the shoes dry well before you put them on. Did the shoes get dirty? Then remove the dirt as soon as possible...
What can I do against creaking shoes?
Cracking shoes are very annoying! Fortunately, this problem can be solved quickly by putting the shoes on a wet cloth for an evening, then rub some talcum powder on the inside and the creaking should be gone.
What can I do against unpleasant smells?
The answer is: talcum powder! Talcum powder absorbs the moisture from the shoes and thus makes the unpleasant odors disappear. Also, talcum powder also helps to prevent the shoes from staining on the inside.